Journal of Transportation Management

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Developing the Buyer-Friendly Transportation Salesperson: An Empirical Analysis of the Most Important Seller Traits and Behaviors from the Transportation Buyer's Perspective
INTRODUCTION What are the critical traits and behaviors that a salesperson should exhibit in his/her interrelationships with various customer groups? According to an interview reported in Sales and Marketing Management magazine, buyers seek salespeople...
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Examining Sources of Driver Turnover from a Managerial Perspective
INTRODUCTION Despite the recent downturn of the U.S. economy, many trucking firms are still experiencing difficulty in recruiting and retaining qualified drivers. Over the past two decades, the trucking industry has been hit hard by a shortage of...
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From the Editor
As I write this, you are deciding how to cast your vote in the November elections. I'm sure your choices will be the right ones and that the newly elected will, in all cases, work for a strong economy and an environment free from the effects of terrorism....
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Liberalization of International Air Transportation Markets: The Effect of Terrorism on Market Trends
INTRODUCTION According to the World Investment Report 2001 published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, global foreign direct investment rose to a record US$1.3 trillion dollars in 2000. Contributing to this increase was...
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Short-Line Railroad Managers Discuss Class I Railroads
INTRODUCTION Short-line railroads (defined herein as railroads with less than 250 miles of trackage) have been part of the transportation industry for many decades. Before 1970 their numbers had been in a long term decline. For example, in 1916...
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Trends in the Transportation of Goods in the U.S
INTRODUCTION Many factors affect the performance of the transportation system: accessibility, safety, environmental restraints, input costs, energy efficiency, capacity-to-demand ratios, reliability, travel time and delay, goods damage, and a host...
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