Journal of Transportation Management

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Adapting Baumol's Inventory Theoretic to Landed Cost Decisions
INTRODUCTION Major U.S. corporations have been importers for over 200 years. Initially, the colonists interests were in importing manufactured goods, but as industries developed their interests turned to importing basic raw materials such as metallic...
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A Study of Logistics Strategies in Small versus Large U.S. Manufacturing Firms
INTRODUCTION Smaller businesses frequently make an assortment of logistics-related decisions, relating to purchasing, customer service, warehousing, inventory management, order management, transportation etc. (Murphy, Daly and Dalenberg, 1995)....
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Developing Reverse Logistics Programs: A Resource Based View
INTRODUCTION Delivering product to the customer does not always end the business cycle. Products are often returned and must be reclaimed from downstream trading partners. Historically, the sheer volume of returns has been staggering. For example,...
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Forward Positioning and Consolidation of Strategic Inventories
INTRODUCTION The forward placement of inventory in the supply chain in order to save time and cost in "anticipation" of future demand is a strategic decision, which can save delivery time, and also cut transportation costs. *, ** Similarly, the...
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From the Editor
I am honored that DNA selected Wayne State University and me to serve as the new Publisher and Editor of the Journal of Transportation Management. The Journal has made great progress since its founding in 1989 and with the help of the Editorial Review...
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Fuel Costs and Supply Chain Decisions
INTRODUCTION Individual consumers are well aware of the effects of rising fuel prices on their personal shopping experiences. Numerous news reports, magazine articles, and personal stories recount the sticker shock of seeing consumer goods escalate...
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