Journal of Transportation Management

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A Financial Analysis of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Termination Act of 1995 on the Motor Carrier Industry
INTRODUCTION Prior to termination of the Interstate Commerce Commission, one of the primary responsibilities of the ICC was to observe surface transportation providers and monitor their compliance with economic regulations. Primarily due to dramatic...
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From the Editor
Welcome to the Spring, 1999 issue of the Journal of Transportation Management The diversity of articles and topics in this issue does justice to the diversity of our industry and our culture. I am indebted to the authors in this issue for their patience,...
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Quality Assessment and Improvement Practices in the U.S. Railroad Industry
INTRODUCTION Competition in the U.S. among rail carriers and between rail and other modes of transportation has increased dramatically over the past twenty years, due in part to deregulation of the transportation industry, and more recently to the...
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Revisiting Logistical Friendliness: Perspectives of International Freight Forwarders
As the level of cross-border trade continues to expand, so does the prominence and importance of efficient logistics management. Indeed, there is little question that international logistics is more costly and more challenging than domestic logistics....
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The Role of Transportation in Customized Supply Chains
INTRODUCTION Mass customization is argued to be a "new competitive paradigm" (Kotha 1995). Numerous authors have stressed the importance of interactively marketing and manufacturing products (McKenna 1995) and customizing products in response to...
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