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An Exploratory Analysis of Factors Driving Intermodal Transportation Usage
INTRODUCTION Intermodal transportation provides an essential integration of modes for freight both within North America: and around the world. At the recent Intermodal Transportation Summit (University of Denver, October 1997), U. S. Secretary of...
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Bridging the Gap between Academic Responsibilities and Practical Application in Logistics
INTRODUCTION A continuing criticism of business education expresses concern that connections between traditional faculty responsibilities of research, teaching, and practice are breaking down (Foggin and Dicer 1992; Mowday 1997; Porter and McKibben...
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From the Editor
Welcome to the Spring, 1998 issue of the Journal of Transportation Management My thanks to the members of the Editorial Review Board who contributed to the success of this issue. Again, thanks to my able and dedicated Associate Editors, Brian Gibson...
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Some Propositions regarding Rail-Truck Intermodal: An Empirical Analysis
Intermodal transportation may be one of the most misunderstood concepts (Jennings and Holcomb, 1996) in the logistics discipline. In some instances, intermodal is not even defined, resulting in an assumption that there is an implicit knowledge about...
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Truck Driver Turnover: An Internal Marketing Perspective
INTRODUCTION Environmental pressures have created havoc for the trucking industry during the last several years. For example, downward rate pressures in the motor carrier industry in the post deregulation decade forced cost reduction measures that...
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Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Merger: Impact on Shippers
INTRODUCTION Since merging with Southern Pacific, Union Pacific Railroad has been in the news. Headlines, such as "Union Pacific Says its Network Jammed" and "Local Businesses Steamed over Union Pacific Backlog," tell a tale of congested rail yards,...
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