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No. 453, June

US Denies Safe Haven to Mexico's Drug War Refugees
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 20 JUNE WORLD REFUGEE DAY The war on drugs has evolved from a tough-sounding metaphor into a real armed conflict. Mexicans are starting to move in search of safety, seeking refuge both at home and abroad. There is...
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No. 452, May

Happy Meals[TM] for Victims of Stop and Search
McDonald's partnered with New York police recently to offer free food to people stopped by the City's Finest three times and released without charge. Or so it seemed. The so-called 'Three strikes, You're in!' vouchers convinced McDonald's staff, at...
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No. 446, October

Let's End Corruption-Starting with Wall Street
It's a favourite conservative ploy in the development debate: blame poverty on corruption. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] When explaining why countries in the Global South face stark levels of inequality and deprivation, you just say it's due to a common...
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No. 441, April

Activists Make Themselves Heard
1-30 APRIL CORPORATE AGM SEASON This month will see a flurry of major corporate Annual General Meetings (AGMs). While company directors busily hone their patter in preparation for facing their shareholders, activists are gearing up to make the...
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No. 438, December

Voters Face a Hobson's Choice
19 DECEMBER BELARUS ELECTIONS The country nicknamed 'the last dictatorship in Europe' is playing elections again. It seems certain that Alexandr Lukashenka, known as Batka ('Daddy'), will add another four years to the 16 he's already had in power....
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No. 436, October

Nestled in Controversy: International Nestle-Free Week Takes Place from 25 to 31 October. Ian Fitzpatrick Looks Back at the Boycott and Explains Why Challenging the Aggressive Marketing of Babymilk Formula Is Still So Important
In August 1973, New Internationalist published an interview with leading child nutrition experts who talked of a 'worrying swing away from breastfeeding" in favour of commercial breast-milk substitutes. The 'Baby Food Tragedy' article, along with a...
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No. 429, January-February

Geert Wilders
The elections to the European Parliament in June 2009 were the first chance many Europeans had to express any kind of democratic opinion during the worst financial meltdown since the 1930s. Less than half bothered to do so. Of those who did, some chose...
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No. 428, December

We Are Millions
Brazil's Landless Workers' Movement (MST) has been pushing for land reform in Latin America's largest country for the past 25 years. It's a force to be reckoned with--the largest social movement in the region. Since 1984 the MST has occupied thousands...
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No. 423, June

The Cultural Crusades: To Increase Its Power, China Is Exporting Its Culture. Nick Young Reveals How Confucius Is Being Conscripted to Help Out
Halfway through my 12 years in China, I discovered that an office manager I had just taken on spent his every free moment reading ancient Buddhist texts. At first I connected this to the trauma of a close shave with death in a car crash that had left...
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No. 421, April

Bulldozed Lives: World Bank Project Leaves Families Homeless
Many consider the village of Jale to be one of the most beautiful hamlets on Albania's Riviera. Two authors of children's books who come from the area have often featured its deep-blue waters and sandy beaches, giving this coastal village on the Ionian...
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