Australasian Journal of Engineering Education

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 2, October

Development of an Innovative VoIP Student Attendance Recording Application
1 INTRODUCTION The persistence of high rates of absenteeism is a major concern, as it is believed by educators that consistent school attendance is essential for educational success, with low standards of academic achievement, including low levels...
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Factors Affecting Students' Experiences and Satisfaction about Teaching Quality in Engineering
1 INTRODUCTION Universities and governments are increasingly interested in using quality measures that provide evidence that can be used to improve the quality of student learning, as well as for benchmarking and funding decisions. Standard scales...
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Influences on Student Learning in Engineering: Some Results from Case Study Fieldwork
1 INTRODUCTION Currently, there is increased demand for engineers (King, 2008; Taylor, 2008; Engineers Australia, 2006) that is not matched by an increase in student demand for engineering programs. This highlights the importance of maximising retention...
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Labour Force Outcomes for Engineering Graduates in Australia
1 INTRODUCTION Until the current financial problems started to affect engineering activities in late 2008, Australia was experiencing an acute shortage of engineering skills: companies were finding it very difficult to attract and retain engineers,...
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Making Problem-Solving in Engineering-Mechanics Visible to First-Year Engineering Students
1 BACKGROUND AND RESEARCH RATIONALE In our efforts to investigate the problem-solving skills of first-year students enrolled in the engineering-mechanics course at the University of Auckland's Faculty of Engineering, we seek to address the following...
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The Relationship between Reported Workload, Stress and Employment Levels in First-Year Engineering Students
1 INTRODUCTION Engineering degree programs are notorious for placing considerable demands upon their students. Balancing study and other commitments, such as paid employment, is a challenge faced by an increasing number of undergraduate students...
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