Australasian Journal of Engineering Education

Articles from Vol. 17, No. 1, June

Designing the Future
1 INTRODUCTION This paper presents selected findings from a two-day Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) funded regional forum held in April 2009 at the University of New South Wales, as part of the ALTC project "Design based curriculum...
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This is the first issue for 2011 of the Australasian Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE). This issue showcases the best papers from our annual conference held in Adelaide in December 2009. The conference was a great success, bringing together...
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Key Factors for Determining the Suitability of Converting a Fluid-Mechanics Laboratory to Remote-Access Mode
1 INTRODUCTION Laboratory classes are an essential part of the education of undergraduate engineers. Laboratories provide the opportunity to acquire a range of skills and knowledge that are not available through other avenues (Feisel & Rosa,...
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Managing Student Diversity in the Master of Engineering Practice Program: By Design
1 BACKGROUND The Faculty of Engineering and Surveying at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has more than 2500 students enrolled in its three undergraduate engineering programs: the four-year Bachelor of Engineering, the three-year Bachelor...
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The Influence of University Entry Scores on Student Performance in Engineering Mechanics
1 INTRODUCTION Students just don't have the maths anymore, that's why we have such high failure rates. We are accepting too many students with low university entranceA scores. Not enough students have done physics in high school....
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