Estonian Journal of Ecology

Covers all fields of ecology, including biotic and abiotic environment, interactions between human and natural systems across temporal and spatial scales, in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, past and future changes in the environmental quality, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Articles from Vol. 60, No. 4, December

Biochemical and Structural Characteristics of Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) in an Alkaline. environment/Hariliku Manni (Pinus Sylvestris L.) Biokeemilised Ja Struktuursed Isearasused Leelistunud Keskkonnas
INTRODUCTION In order to be able to forecast and estimate the state and dynamics of forest ecosystems, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms and character of response reactions of trees to the different complexes of environmental factors....
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Phytosociology and Dynamics of Calcareous Grasslands in Kemeri National Park, Latvia/Lubjarikaste Rohumaade Futosotsioloogia Ja Dunaamika Kemeri Rahvuspargis (Lati)
INTRODUCTION Semi-natural grasslands, both hay meadows and pastures, have significantly decreased in Latvia due to the decline of traditional grassland management practices (Rusina, 2007, 2008). Both abandonment and intensive agriculture have influenced...
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Radon Emissions in Harju County, North Estonia/Radooniemissioonid Harjumaal
INTRODUCTION Radon (Rn) is a source of natural ionizing radiation, it is a toxic element causing mutations, especially lung cancer (Naturally ..., 2000; Mjones & Falk, 2005). Radon occurs in air and water as a colourless and odourless noble...
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Rhopalodes Lecorrei, a New Moth Species from French Guiana (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae: Trichopterygini)/Uus Vaksikuliik Rhopalodes Lecorrei Sp. Nov. Prantsuse Guajaanast (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Larentiinae: Trichopterygini)
INTRODUCTION Guenee (1858: 360, pl. 20, fig. 2) described a new genus and new species, Rhopalodes castniata Gn., basing on a single female specimen from Brazil. He paid much attention to the unique character of antennae, which are cylindrical, thickening...
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Stocks and Annual Fluxes of Organic Carbon in the Mineral Soil Cover of Estonia/Orgaanilise Susiniku Varud Ja Aastavood Eesti Mineraalmuldades
INTRODUCTION Data on the annual cycling of soil organic carbon (SOC) in certain soil types and land use conditions form a good basis for understanding the peculiarities of soil formation, development, and functioning (Kern et al., 1998; Katterer...
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