Asian Perspective

Provides articles on global, regional, and transnational issues affecting Northeast Asia.

Articles from Vol. 33, No. 3, 2009

Asia's Institutional Creation and Evolution*
This article explores the formation and evolution of regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific and East Asia. Employing a historical institutionalist framework, this article argues that both Asia-Pacific and East Asian regional institutions were created...
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China and Global Governance
China's development has enormous implications for how the world is governed. The sheer size of the country means the effect of its activities inevitably spills over its borders. Beyond that, there is evidence that the Chinese government has taken an...
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China and Globalization: Confronting Myriad Challenges and Opportunities*
China, with its rapid economic rise, holds one of the master keys to the future of globalization in the post-cold war world. This article explores how China is coping with the forces of globalization since that time, beginning with a brief description...
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Japan and the East Asian Maritime Security Order: Prospects for Trilateral and Multilateral Cooperation
Japan has pursued a grand strategy of creating an East Asian maritime order with a special emphasis on situating a U.S.-Japan-China trilateral arrangement, based on cooperative security, at the core of an East Asian maritime regime. The United States...
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Preparing for a Peace Process in the Korean Peninsula*
The rollback of North Korea's nuclear program is closely intertwined with the peace process in the Korean peninsula and resuscitation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). With the recent thaw in U.S.-North Korea relations, a new opportunity...
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The Obama Administration and China: Positive but Fragile Equilibrium
The Obama administration's initially positive and constructive engagement with China comes amid continuing differences and mutual suspicions. The priorities and pragmatism of U.S. and Chinese leaders and enduring U.S. leadership in Asia demonstrate that...
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