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Articles from Vol. 35, No. 1, 2011

New Media and Political Socialization of Teenagers: The Case of the 2008 Candlelight Protests in Korea
In this study, we examine the political socialization of teenagers by focusing on the 2008 Candlelight Protests in Korea, with particular emphasis on the implication of technological variables of modern society-in this case, new media. In the 2008 protests,...
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North Korean Migrants: A Human Security Perspective
The human security situation in North Korea is generally poor, with food security being a primary issue, resulting in a large number of migrants from the country. For those migrants who enter China, food security is somewhat improved, although at the...
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The Role of Political Leadership in the Formation of Korea-Japan Relations in the Post-Cold War Era
The variables defining Korea-Japan relations can be categorized into those pertaining to structural elements and those related to leaders. Optimists and pessimists emphasize structural factors when addressing post-Cold War relations. Pessimists say that...
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The "State of the State" in Reform-Era China
Since the early 1990s, studies on the transformation of the post-Mao state have increasingly approached the issue from local perspectives and attacked national-level state studies. A counterbalance to this trend, this article draws on the broader social...
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The US and East Asian Regional Security Architecture: Building a Regional Security Nexus on Hub-and-Spoke
The current East Asian strategic environment and US strategy toward the region reveal that the United States faces foreign policy problems that would diminish US influence in the long term. While establishing an East Asian regional security architecture...
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US Approaches to the Trade-Security Nexus in East Asia: From Securitization to Resecuritization
In this article I explore why US approaches to the trade-security nexus in postwar East Asia have unfolded in three critical stages: securitization, desecuritization, and resecuritization. During the Cold War, security considerations overshadowed America's...
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