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Articles from Vol. 31, No. 4, 2007

Brazil: To Be or Not to Be a Bric?
Brazil will gain a place as a significant player in the multipolar international system taking shape since the end of the cold war simply on the basis of its economic size and material capabilities. However, its potential to influence international outcomes...
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Building Blocks or a Bric Wall? Fitting U.S. Foreign Policy to the Shifting Distribution of Power
The U.S. confronts the difficult task of managing change peacefully as the BRICs' economic rise redistributes power in the international system. I consider the insights from four approaches within international relations-Realism, Institutionalism, Constructivism...
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China: Globalization and the Emergence of a New Status Quo Power?
The remarkable economic growth of China in the past two decades has generated both admiration and concern. As an "undemocratic capitalist" country, Beijing's grand strategy and true intentions once it becomes stronger are under scrutiny by the rest of...
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India and China: From Trade to Peace?
Since the late 1950s, relations between India and China have been fraught with tension and conflict. Yet the two countries have recently enjoyed a significant improvement in bilateral relations. In this article, we explore potential economic reasons...
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Japan's Proactive Foreign Policy and the Rise of the Brics
Within the past decade or so, Japan's foreign policy has become more proactive and assertive than it was during the cold war, placing greater emphasis on non-economic sources of power. Changing bilateral relations with all four BRICs are both causes...
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Korean Foreign Policy and the Rise of the Brics Countries
In 2003 two emerging markets' investment analysts predicted that four rapidly developing countries-Brazil, Russia, India, and China, collectively the "BRICs economies"-by 2050 would have eclipsed most of the currently richest countries in the world....
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Russia: Great Power Image versus Economic Reality
Russia's vision of itself has largely coalesced around that of a unique regional power, with the natural resources, glorious history, and will power to be a major player in a future multipolar world. As seen by most Russians, under the guidance of President...
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The Brics Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) as Analytical Category: Mirage or Insight?
American hegemony has passed its peak. The twenty-first century will see a more multipolar international system. Yet Western European countries may not be the United States' main foils in upcoming decades. Four new poles of the international system are...
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