The Town Planning Review

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Articles from Vol. 76, No. 2, 2005

A Pioneer 'Global Intelligence Corps'? the Internationalisation of Planning Practice, 1890-1939
The development of modern planning practice from the late nineteenth century was, from the outset, an international activity. A high proportion of early planners practised in countries other than their own. The paper considers whether their activities...
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Exodus or Renaissance? Metropolitan Migration in the Late 1990s
How realistic are the Government's plans to bring about an 'urban renaissance'? It is argued that this can only be achieved by making more people want to move into urban areas, and fewer people want to leave them. Migration statistics from the UK's National...
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Fifty Years of Public Housing in Hong Kong: A Golden Jubilee Review and Appraisal
Fifty Years of Public Housing in Hong Kong: A Golden Jubilee Review and Appraisal, Y. M. Yeung and T. K. Y. Wong (eds), Hong Kong, The Chinese University Press, 2003, 487 pp., US$55.00As the tide indicates, Fifty Years of Public Housing in Hong Kong...
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Housing Market Processes, Urban Housing Submarkets and Planning Policy
This paper seeks to develop an analytical framework that can be used to generate insights into the working of local land and property markets and provide the basis for planning policies. The framework is based on the notion that local housing market...
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Planning in a Global Era
Planning in a Global Era, Andy Thornley and Yvonne Rydin, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2003, 404 pp., £47-50 (h/b)Forging together a set of diverse research papers into a joint volume is never an easy task. In their new book, Planning in a Global Era, Andy Thornley...
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Professionalism and Planning in Britain
The idea of 'the profession' has been vigorously debated and contested in the past half century and the 1980s, in particular, witnessed an assault stemming from disparate origins, on professionalism and the claims by particular occupations to 'exclusive...
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The Liveability Agenda: New Regionalism, Liveability and the Untapped Potential of Sport and Recreation1
In recent years the relationship between sport and strategic planning has grown in importance as both the economic and social benefits of hosting major sporting events and developing sporting infrastructure have increasingly permeated policy making agendas...
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The Spatial Impact of Urban Compaction: A Fine-Scale Investigation Based on Merseyside
In England, urban compaction has been adopted as a policy to prevent further sprawl, and thus reduce the environmental footprint of urban areas. However, currently there is only limited information available on the environmental impacts of urban compaction...
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