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Articles from Vol. 82, No. 4, 2011

Market-Oriented Compensation Instruments: Lessons for Dutch Urban Redevelopment
Market-oriented compensation instruments have recently been the focus of considerable attention among planners in several countries, as it is increasingly suggested that the market and not the state should resolve planning problems, with little or no...
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Planning and the Housing Market: Reflections on Strategic Housing Market Assessment in England
Volatile house prices have generated considerable interest in embedding market signals in housing planning. In England, Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) were introduced in 2004. This article reflects on their evolution and considers lessons...
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Reforming the Process for Infrastructure Planning in the UK/England 1990-2010
The 2008 Planning Act sought to give England, and to lesser extents other parts of the UK, a new planning process for deciding major infrastructure projects. The causes, gestation and politics of this measure are analysed in this paper. This shows how...
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Space Is Luxury: 24th AESOP Congress, Helsinki, 7-10 July 2010
The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (YTK) at the School of Science and Technology, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, was awarded the 24th AESOP Congress by the AESOP Council of Representatives during the 2008 joint ACSP/ AESOP Congress in Chicago....
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The Planning Research Agenda: After the 'Great Recession': Recalibrating the Applications of Economic Analysis in Urban Policy
The recent global economic recession and the subsequent economic aftershock have impacted on urban governments and created the need to recalibrate economic analysis and tools in urban areas. Since economic analysis and economic tools have played a role...
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Urban Conservation and the Shaping of the English City
The role of urban conservation as an aim of planning evolved through the twentieth century, shifting from the margins to the mainstream and in the process becoming an inescapable element of the way English cities remake themselves. This paper charts...
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