New Zealand International Review

bimonthly journal devoted to the discussion and understanding of international issues that affect New Zealand.

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 2, March-April

A Missed Opportunity
Grant Crowley criticises the narrow and backward looking focus of the Defence white paper. The Shape of New Zealand's Defence, and the defence assessment on which it is based, are both firmly rooted in the past. As such, they fail as signposts for New...
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Asian Currency Fluctuations and Their Economic and Political Implications
The turmoil in Asian currency and financial markets became an important element in many contexts in late 1997. It figured in any effort to assess New Zealand's economic outlook. The growing confidence and assertiveness of ASEAN countries had been a key...
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Back to the Future
Stewart Woodman finds New Zealand's 1997 Defence white paper tied to a vanishing rationale. Defence Minister Paul East's rhetoric was certainly confident. The new Defence white paper, he insisted, fulfilled the government's commitment `to strengthening...
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China's Party Congress
Peter Harris led a roundtable discussion of the recent Congress of the Chinese Communist Party for the NZIIA, Institute of Policy Studies, and Centre for Strategic Studies. It was Harris's first appearance in his new role as Director of the University's...
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Defence for the Next Century
Jim Rolfe finds significant continuities in the policy espoused in the new white paper, and sees little likelihood of a major change in the next twenty years. Attempting to explain and justify defence issues in New Zealand must be one of the more thankless...
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EU Agenda: Understanding the Institutions
Martin Holland backgrounds the decision-making process in the European Union. Decision-making in the European Union is an often maligned, but poorly understood process. Typically, criticism focuses on the institutional `democratic deficit'; the Byzantine...
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Nuclear Traffic
Ron Smith suggests that fears about the transport of reprocessed nuclear waste from France to Japan are misplaced. In late February 1997 the passage through the Tasman Sea of a relatively small British merchant ship occasioned considerable public comment....
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Once Were Warriors?
David Capie examines the role of military entrepreneurship in East Asian countries. The Western liberal tradition of civil-military relations clearly demarcates separate spheres of military and civilian action. It precludes the armed forces from playing...
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Return to Credibility
David Dickens suggests that the recently completed defence assessment has addressed the worst problems confronting the New Zealand Defence Force. The New Zealand defence white paper released in late November 1997 signals a return of credibility for...
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