ARMA Records Management Quarterly

Professional journal on records and information management.

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 3, July

Forget the Forest-Save the Trees
Conventional wisdom is clear. Success awaits the person who does not get bogged down in details. We admire the far-sighted traveler who does not allow the bumps in the road to distract his vision from the horizon. We venerate the sage whose eyes register...
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Intranets-An Opportunity for Records Managers
With voice mail, e-mail, and the Internet, do we really need another communication medium in our offices? You bet we do, and this one is perfect for records managers. Intranets have the potential to provide records managers with access to company personnel...
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Records Management in China: Part II-Legal Recordkeeping Requirements
In Part I of this two-part article (RMQ, April 1998), we provided our readers with an introduction to recordkeeping and records management in the People's Republic of China (sometimes referred to here as "the PRC"). We now turn to the aspect of recordkeeping...
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Strokes.From the Penn
Some 14 years ago ARMA International President John Lyons offered me the editorship of the Records Management Quarterly. With more than a little trepidation, I accepted his offer. Prior to my taking over the position there had only been one other RMQ...
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The Internet: Classification Changes for the World Wide Web
The workings and structure of the World Wide Web often seem an arcane subject only explored by the curious. But like the corporate records classification schemes that records managers deal with every day, the Web is now forced by growth and other needs...
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Whats in a Name?
Records managers have always sought to disassociate themselves from their clerical beginnings. While there is some rationale for this, the endeavor has been mostly misguided. Instead of seeking a sound, logical way to being accepted as professionals,...
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