Policy Review

A bimonthly journal of the Hoover Institution that promotes inquiry into the American condition, American and other government and political and economic systems, and the role of the United States in the world. For the academic audience.

Articles from No. 159, February-March

A Way Forward with the International Criminal Court
THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT is an institution that sits uneasily at the dangerous intersection of law and politics, both international and domestic. Created by a treaty, the Rome Statute, opened for signature in 1998 and commencing operation after...
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China's Slow-Motion Land Reform
EVER SINCE CHINA embarked on economic reforms some 30 years ago, the country's agricultural development has always lagged behind overall economic growth. The income gap between farmers and urban residents has also consistently expanded, making rural...
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Mothers in Combat Boots
IN NOVEMBER 2009, one of the uglier fruits of the current practice of seeding mothers into the American military burst briefly onto the national stage. Ordered to Afghanistan from Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia, an Army cook named Alexis Hutchinson...
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Promoting Democracy to Stop Terror, Revisted
U.S. DEMOCRACY PROMOTION in the Middle East has suffered a series of crippling defeats. Despite occasionally Paying lip service to the idea, few politicians on either the left or right appear committed to supporting democratic reform as a central component...
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The Lawyering of War
MICHAEL LEWIS, ERIC JENSEN, GEOFFREY CORN, VICTOR HANSEN, RICHARD JACKSON, AND JAMESSCHOETTLER. The War On Terror and the Laws of War: A Military Perspective. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. 248 PAGES. $85. SINCE THE LATE 1970S, experts have been pondering...
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The Limits of Bioethics
ON VALETINE's DAY two years ago, Paul Wagner, a 40-year-old Philadelphia purchasing manager, gave Gail Tomas, a total stranger, his left kidney. Wagner met Tomas, a 65-year-old former opera singer, on the internet, at MatchingDonors.com. Her daughter...
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