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Articles from Vol. 4, No. 3, March

A Customer's Perspective
Durham Transportation, Inc. [This month's guest editorial offers a client's perspective on what professional searchers and information brokers need to consider in developing their services. Holli Haswell is director of public relations and advertising...
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A Plea for the Preface
This month's "view" highlights two outstanding CD-ROMs released in 1995, Black Studies on Disc (G.K. Hall & Co.), and the Database of AfricanAmerican Poetry, 1760-1900 (Chadwyck-Healey). Although both titles unquestionably add value to the American...
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Information Job Hunting through the Internet
"...forget those pretty-pretty, skillfully formatted, lovingly printed resumes of the past. Today's job seeker needs a nitty-gritty, itain't. pretty ASCII version of the old curriculum vitae, with a whole new approach to skill description." As an information...
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People Locators on the Web: Finding and Being Found
The Web offers many opportunities to locate someone's e-mail address, and in a few cases, their mailing address and voice and fax phone numbers. Likewise, you can add your e-mail identification and other contact information to new growing databanks that...
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That Was the Year That Was - 1995
Here we go again with a compilation of what was new in 1995 in online search resources for sci-tech and patent literature. I start with my usual caveats: My views are possibly biased, certainly incomplete, and (on this Sunday afternoon when I'd much...
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The European Online Scene
"Online Information 95 blended traditional online, CD-ROM databases, and the Internet nicely. Internet aficionados were exposed to other forms of online information and information specialists looking for new CD-ROM products stumbled over Internet alternatives."...
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UnCover: The People's Choice? Interview with Rebecca Lenzini
Interviewer: Barbara Quint Editor, Searcher Magazine Librarians have built one of the cornerstones of the emerging Virtual Library world. Out of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL) came the CARL Corporation and its subsidiary, the UnCover...
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Who Gets the Money?
In my last column we discussed how to make sure that someone paid the copyright royalties for multiple copies of documents. Well, we got the part right about the searcher paying royalties. But who got the money? Did it ever get to the person or entity...
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