The Journal of Men's Studies

Journal of Men's Studies is a scholarly journal covering men's studies. Founded in August of 1992, Journal of Men's Studies publishes Journal of Men's Studies three times a year. Dr. James Doyle is the Editor. Eugene R. August, Edward R. Barton and Martin Acker are the Editorial Board.

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 3, Spring

Contradictions and Tensions: Exploring Relations of Masculinities in the Numerically Female-Dominated Nursing Profession
A non-essentialist stance, making visible the history of men's varied experience and defining men's lives as contextual, relational processes of communication and connection with each other and with women, will allow us to make visible current...
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Deconstructing the Paterfamilias: British Magazines and the Imagining of the Maternal Father, 1850-1910
An examination of British periodicals between 1850 and 1910 reveals that many Victorians viewed fatherhood--at least in the abstract--with ambivalence, anxiety, and even hostility. As I have argued elsewhere (Nelson, 1995), writers on domesticity typically...
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Masculinities, Change, and Conflict in Global Society: Thinking about the Future of Men's Studies
WHERE WE HAVE COME FROM: SOME HISTORY Discussions about the nature of masculinity, the character of men as a specific group, and men in a context of gender relations have a history of a little more than a hundred years. Though the word "masculine"...
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Men and Nostalgia for Violence: Culture and Culpability in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club
The first role about Fight Club is you don't talk about fight club. (Palahniuk, 1997, p. 50 et passim) To write about Fight Club is to violate the first rule of Fight Club, (1) to engage in a discourse rendered illicit by Tyler Durden's directive...
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The Myth of Old European Feminism: The Importance of Socio-Cultural Contextual Analysis
Almost from the inception of social science, it has been noted that the prevailing myths of a culture or sub-culture have a profound influence on individuals' understanding and interpretation of experience. By myth we mean a socially constructed paradigm...
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"Why Doesn't He Just Leave?": Gay Male Domestic Violence and the Reasons Victims Stay
While the popular literature is replete with stories related to gay male domestic violence, there continues to be a dearth in the academic literature related to domestic violence in gay romantic relationships (see Bartolomeo, 1990; Giampetruzzi, 2002;...
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