Theological Studies

This quarterly journal provides articles, editorials and book reviews on Christian theology and history.

Articles from Vol. 71, No. 4, December

Books Received
SCRIPTURAL STUDIES Attridge, Harold W. The Acts of Thomas. Ed. Julian V. Hills. Early Christian Apocrypha 3. Salem, Ore.: Polebridge, 2010. Pp. 157. $18. Geering, Lloyd. Such Is Life! A Close Encounter with Ecclesiastes. Salem, Ore.: Polebridge,...
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Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., among the Theologians: A Memorial Reflection
A VERY DULLES (N. 1918) DIED ON DECEMBER 12, 2008, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For about a year prior to his death, he suffered the effects of a postpolio syndrome that made it impossible for him to walk or write, and even to swallow or speak....
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Catholics and Pentecostals: Troubled History, New Initiatives
A "NEW REFORMATION" is how Philip Jenkins in his The New Christendom has referred to the amazing expansion of Pentecostal communities across the southern hemisphere. (1) Some speak of a third wave in the history of Christianity. (2) If the first wave...
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Christ's Human Knowledge: A Conversation with Lonergan and Balthasar
THE 2006 "NOTIFICATION ON THE WORKS of Father Jon Sobrino, S.J.," from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) brought considerable attention to the theological question of Christ's consciousness and knowledge. (1) At stake in this question,...
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From the Editor's Desk
Most editorial policies of this journal have been in place since its founding in 1940. The journal then was aimed primarily at professors and graduate students in seminaries and theologates of religious orders and congregations where, for the most...
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Peter Canisius and the "Truly Catholic" Augustine
AUGUSTINE USUALLY RECEIVES no more than an honorable mention in the discussion of the theological origins and underpinnings of the Reformation in surveys of Reformation history, at least those written in English. Discussing the revival of patristic...
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Reading the Universe Story Theologically: The Contribution of a Biblical Narrative Imagination
THE METAPHOR OF MAKING A "BOOK" of the natural world, to be read together with the book of Scripture has a long and venerable history in the Christian tradition. (1) In his book Deeper than Darwin, John Haught takes up the metaphor of the two books...
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"The Body of Christ: Amen!": The Expanding Incarnation
FOR CHRISTIAN FAITH, THE INCARNATION is the singular, constitutive event: "for in him the whole fullness of deity (theototes) dwells bodily [somatikos]" (Col 2:9 (1); see Jn 1:14). Christian sensibility to this "bodily" event means that many kinds...
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Woman of Many Names: Mary in Orthodox and Catholic Theology
WHEN I WAS A DOCTORAL STUDENT in England, each year I used to go with a group of students on a Holy Week pilgrimage to the medieval Marian shrine at Walsingham. Our group was composed of about 30 young people, half of them Catholic and half Anglican,...
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