Urban History Review

This journal publishes articles and research notes in the field of Canadian urban history.

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 2, March

Politics and Urban Growth in Buenos Aires: 1910-1942
Walter, Richard J. Politics and Urban Growth in Buenos Aires: 1910-1942. (Cambridge Latin American Studies). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993. Pp. xii, 278. Tables, maps, photographs, appendix, notes, bibliography, index. $59.95 (US) ...
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Public Works in the Canadian City; the Provision of Sewers in Toronto 1870-1913
Abstract: Until the 1970s Canadian public works had been adequately described, but never extensively studied in the literature of urban history, which has focused on other aspects of the city-building process. Since then, Canadian public works history...
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The Growth of the Industrial City and Inner Toronto's Vanished Church Buildings
Abstract Based on research about ninety churches located in inner Toronto in 1893, this article considers four explanations for the disappearance or adaption to new uses of many of these buildings and concludes (1) that the city's shift to industrial...
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The Republic of Labor: Philadelphia Artisans and the Politics of Class, 1720-1830
Schultz, Ronald. The Republic of Labor: Philadelphia Artisans and the Politics of Class, 1720-1830. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. Pp. xi, 298. Illustrations. $63.00. Schultz suggests that the "rights of man" fought for by Philadelphia...
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Ward Heelers and Honest Men: Urban Quebecois Political Culture and the Montreal Reform of 1909
Abstract: While scholars often emphasize traditionalism, ruralism and anti-statism as the "dominants" of Quebec's political culture prior to the Quiet Revolution, some Quebecois embraced progressivism early in the twentieth century. Municipal government...
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