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Articles from Vol. 27, No. 3, March

Newt's Minions
You won't see them on C-Span, but staffers in Congress run the show. Here's the inside skinny on the new generation of Republicans There is a new conventional wisdom on the state of power in the U.S. House of Representatives. All eyes follow Newton...
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Police Protection in D.C.: Separate and Unequal
Washington's best cops patrol the city's safest neighborhoods Every once in a while, from the window of Sgt. Brian Hubbard's police cruiser, you can catch a glimpse of the Capitol dome. Only a mile away, proudly lit, the immaculate marble looks like...
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Stories the Media Miss
The Big Four newspapers neglect important news that affect you directly Many say they couldn't take another of the endless, lurid dispatches from Tonya Harding's skating rink, or the daily rehashes of John Bobbitt's involuntary loss of a body part....
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The Case for (Some) Regulation
By not distinguishing between good and bad regulations, the GOP could do more harm than good Jack Faris, president of the National Federation of Independent Business, has a simple message for the 104th Congress. "Our members want the federal government...
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The Case for (Some) Regulation, Part 2
Do you really think the car companies voluntarily installed airbags? Lee Iacocca didn't know he was being taped. During a secret morning meeting on April 27, 01971, he sat in the Oval Office, next to his boss Henry Ford II, pressing his case on the...
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