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Articles from Vol. 25, No. 12, December

Crash Cow
Imagine this scene: Before leaving for a weekend with the family, a guy from the suburbs--call him Bob--turns on his crockpot to slow cook a brisket. The machine overheats, starts a fire and burns up half of his split-level, two-bath/three-bedroom...
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Look Who's Talking, Too
For years, House Banking Chairman Henry Gonzalez has accused the Federal Reserve System of being, in effect, a secret government more elaborate than anything Oliver North could dream up. He's not far off. Although the Fed manages the nation's money...
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Road Kill
"We're lawbreakers. We've got to be," Ron Vanderburg says defiantly as he stands by his raucusly idling Peterbilt in the vast Union 76 truck stop in Ontario, California. After 41 years driving a big rig, he knows how the game works. "The [trucking...
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The Gospel Truth
The choir's voices slow to a stop, but there is no silence at Washington's First Baptist Church on this autumn Sunday. Amid cries of "Amen," Pastor Frank D. Tucker, his bald head framed by graying temples, steps to the pulpit. The overhead lights dim,...
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The Lasting Soviet Nuclear Menace
It must have been hard for President Clinton to keep a straight face. At the Tokyo G-7 economic summit this summer, a journalist asked Clinton what was going to happen to the aging Soviet-made nuclear reactors--the kind that blew up in 1986 at Chernobyl...
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Why Alan Greenspan Should Show You His Hand
The Federal Reserve System is the most powerful financial institution in the country. But its decisions are made in secret, and the Fed resists sharing the record of its deliberations with the government's other major economic players: the president...
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