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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 5, May

Board Stiffs
How William Gates and Paul Tagliabue helped William Aramony bilk America The United Way of America's Board of Governors may have been asleep at the wheel for a couple years while the world's largest charity was billed for limousines, exclusive condominiums,...
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Lie Society; the Cold War's over. but Its Legacy of Lying Remains
The Cold War's over. But its legacy of lying remains One ordinary morning-it was March 27, 1992-1 opened up my New York Times and here's what I found: One in four scientists suspect that their peers lie about their work; nuclear test site employees...
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Don't fix those deadly veterans hospitals. Abolish them. What was a nice former beauty queen doing in a place like this? A room where shell-shocked, quadriplegic patients languished unfed for three days, swimming in feces and tied to their beds?...
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Substance Abuse
In presidential politics, more beef is sometimes less On the left-hand comer of my desk is a pile of stuff that I plan to read in my spare time. You probably have a stack just like it (the one with the BCCI stories). Whenever my pile gets about...
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The Emperors Have No Robes
Relax, liberals. The courts have seldom been a crucible of American social justice There's an old story in American law that David Savage's book brings to mind. On a Saturday afternoon many years ago, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. took a break...
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The Hillary Loophole
Political spouses have a fight to work. They don't have a right to influence-peddle Over the last few years, the House Sergeant at Arms' quarters may have edged out Brock Adams' office as the tawdriest place on the Hill. Forget the two and a half...
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The Ross Perot You Don't Know
The things that make him a great leader would make him a dangerous profit. I'm better than that," lamented Ross Perot. He pounded a bony fist on his antique desk. "I could have gotten that fire put out'" On a September morning a few years back,...
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The Spy Who Loved Us
KGB defector Oleg Penkovsky was dying to give America the Soviets' deepest secrets, So how did the CIA lose him? The Central Intelligence Agency knew little of value about the Soviet Union in the summer of T1960, when presidential candidate John...
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