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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 9, September

Cheap Tricks
In May of 1992, Christi Norton was 17 years old and excited to be working at her first job ever. Although it was hot, dirty, and sometimes dangerous work on the dairy farm she was employed at in rural Modesto, Calif., she cheerfully helped out the...
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Military Quacks
It's time to repair the military medical system Leigh Clark, 16, was to undergo a 45-minute laparoscopic procedure to provide physicians with pictures of the inside of her abdomen, where she had complained of sharp pains. But something went wrong...
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Reinvention Lite
On April 30, 1998, a woman named Maureen O'Dwyer testified before the Senate Finance Committee along with six other current and former Internal Revenue Service employees. The press, weary after months of blockbuster hearings on abused taxpayers, didn't...
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Sorry, Wrong Number
Haven't Al Gore and his Reinventing government team been laboring for the last five years to make federal agencies more efficient and user-friendly? Recently, the Monthly asked me to investigate one avenue of their progress--or lack thereof--by phoning...
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Too Well Endowed?
Are top universities more concerned about money than about educating students? Often, it is the confluence of several news events that brings the real story into focus. Take the Feb. 18 press release on the results of the National Association of...
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What's Hot at APSA
What the latest research reveals about race, crime money, politics, and American values THIS MONTH, LEGIONS OF DEEP thinkers will converge on Boston for the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. There they'll compare research,...
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