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World and I is an encyclopedic journal that includes world news; developments in science, the arts and philosophy; book reviews; and photo essays. Since it was founded in 1986, it is printed monthly. The journal is published by Washington Times Corp.Subjects for World and I include science; literature and literary reviews; food and cooking; art; travel and tourism; politics; philosophy; music and musical instruments; drama and theatre. The editor is Steve Osmond.

Articles from Vol. 26, No. 2, February

California: Randsburg, Living Ghost Town
Randsburg sits just off highway 395, on a plateau of the Mojave desert at 3500 feet elevation. It was a pleasant two hour drive from Los Angeles on a spring day. But summer months in Randsburg can occasionally find temperatures reaching 110 degrees,...
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Hopper: The Loneliness of Edward Hopper
There are basically two types of artists. "Artist one" drifts from style to style never quite sure where he fits. In one work that artist is an impressionist, caressing the colors of landscapes and still-lifes. In another he aspires to abstraction,...
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Iguazu Falls: An "Eighth Wonder of the World"
"Of all the places you've seen, where would you like to revisit?" someone asked me recently. Immediately, the answer came to mind: Iguazu Falls, the great crescent-shaped waterfalls that separate Brazil and Argentina, where both sides are sensational...
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Italian Women Advance into the 21st Century
Recent findings of European Union (EU) census bureau, Eurostat, show that some 46% of Italian women are currently in paid employment. This number, when compared to the 27-nation EU average of 57%, has sparked an on-going debate on the situation of...
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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in the U.N. and the E.U., covers only about 1,000 square miles. But the nation is an intriguing destination with fine roads and hotels, comfortable country inns, well-run restaurants and...
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The History of Gold
The history of the world has been hugely influenced by the presence of gold in Africa. African gold was behind the rise of Egypt in the time of the pharaohs, it meant that the Chinese were trading with East African countries 1,000 years ago, and it...
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The Samaritans: Guardians of the Law
Their creed is simple: "The unity of God, with Moses as His Prophet; the holiness of the Sabbath and the set feasts; and the Sanctity of Mount Gerizim." Most people know little about today's Samaritans. Many believe that the name refers to an ancient...
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Whither Immigration Reform? A Personal View
President Obama rightly hailed last November's lame-duck session of Congress as "historic" thanks to a bipartisan agreement on tax policy, the landmark repeal of the Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, and approval of a new START treaty. But...
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