The World and I

World and I is an encyclopedic journal that includes world news; developments in science, the arts and philosophy; book reviews; and photo essays. Since it was founded in 1986, it is printed monthly. The journal is published by Washington Times Corp.Subjects for World and I include science; literature and literary reviews; food and cooking; art; travel and tourism; politics; philosophy; music and musical instruments; drama and theatre. The editor is Steve Osmond.

Articles from Vol. 25, No. 10, October

Celebrating Life in Southern Africa
Five years of remission marks a milestone to most breast cancer survivors. I, like my sisters of this sacred sorority, gladly weaned myself off Tamoxifen, noticed my oncologist appointments were reassuring chats more than vocabulary quizzes of medical...
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Defiant Missions: Changing Lives in Need
In a world where everyone wants to make a difference, but most continue to talk about what needs to happen without any action or initiative, there stands Defiant Missions. With their own dreams, and the dreams of the strangers they selflessly serve,...
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G. A. Henty: Storyteller Supreme
Most of us have read or heard about Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Edgar Allen Poe, but what about G. A. Henty? If you haven't, you're in for a pleasant surprise. You really need to know more about Henty, one of the most prolific 19th-century authors....
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Hudson River School: Painting Eden
You may find it difficult to imagine an America as different from ours, as that painted by the artists of the Hudson River School. This was the America of over 150 years ago, documented before the advent of photography. The Hudson River School painters...
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In the Heat and Politics of Lucknow
I have to run harder because this road in Aishbaug district of Lucknow begins to climb over the railway lines. A cycle-rickshaw ahead has a woman seated in front and two school-girls at the back. As I come abreast of the three-wheeler, the girls watch...
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Korus 2010: Celebrating Korean-American Culture
There was skepticism this year as to whether or not the eighth annual Korus Festival, a celebration of Korean-American culture, would be able to take place. On Saturday night, however, as thousands stood cheering the breathtaking gymnastics of the...
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Neighborhood: The Adams Morgan Day Festival
The unbearably hot summer season seemed finally ending, evidenced by the sweater-wearing crowds of people headed toward the sloping hill of 18th Street N.W. in Washington, D.C. in the early afternoon of September 12. The Adams Morgan Day festival was...
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"Stay Thirsty, My Friends"
The Dos Equis Man may be the most successful example to date of interactive consumer marketing via social media He's become a viral sensation, with a spate of wildly popular You Tube videos and over 600,000 "friends" on Facebook. On his Facebook...
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The Greening of Cambodia's Monks
I traveled to Cambodia fascinated by a country inundated with over seven million land mines, yet home to the world's number one tourist attraction, (Angkor Wat) wanting to know how this terribly poor country functioned in the modern world. I had also...
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