The World and I

World and I is an encyclopedic journal that includes world news; developments in science, the arts and philosophy; book reviews; and photo essays. Since it was founded in 1986, it is printed monthly. The journal is published by Washington Times Corp.Subjects for World and I include science; literature and literary reviews; food and cooking; art; travel and tourism; politics; philosophy; music and musical instruments; drama and theatre. The editor is Steve Osmond.

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 6, June

Can Polls Measure Anti-American Sentiment?
Following the relative calm in most of the world during the decade of the 1990's, the September 11th terrorist attacks catapulted America and anti-Americanism back onto public agendas in much of the world. Prestigious organizations, institutions, media...
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Challenges Facing the Indian Psychiatrist
Curly hair, simple attire, and an occasional boyish grin--that's Dr B.R. Madhukar, psychiatrist at the reputed St Martha's Hospital in Bangalore. I couldn't help wondering whether the boyish grins were his attempts to soften the shocking facts he gave...
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Ginsberg, Kerouac, the Beats and the Hippies
It seems so long ago, and yet it's like yesterday, and in some ways it is still with me now. The time when I was young and told my elders that I would go my own way. It was more than a youthful rebellion, but part of a revolution that took on a life...
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It is a fundamental of Western principles that free markets, economic growth, and democracy go hand in hand. But China's extraordinary contemporary development is being accomplished within the iron political grasp of a failed communist system. Communism...
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Overseas Filipino Workers
Nearly twenty percent of the population of the Philippines is working abroad. This drain of qualified, intelligent, hardworking people has deep social ramifications in Philippine society. "Why stay here and earn nothing?" asked Ben, one of my classmates...
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"The Saudi Zig-Zag"
Introduction To most Middle East watchers, Saudi Arabia and democracy would seem to be antithetical constructs. However, while al-Qaida's May 2003 attacks on Riyadh were of neither the scope nor intensity of those that rained down upon the US on...
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Wealth, Poverty and Corruption in Today's China
To the north of Beijing, not far from the airport, lies one of the many gated communities that surround the Chinese capital. One drives for about 40 minutes from the city center, first along an impressive dual carriageway and then for a short distance...
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