The World and I

World and I is an encyclopedic journal that includes world news; developments in science, the arts and philosophy; book reviews; and photo essays. Since it was founded in 1986, it is printed monthly. The journal is published by Washington Times Corp.Subjects for World and I include science; literature and literary reviews; food and cooking; art; travel and tourism; politics; philosophy; music and musical instruments; drama and theatre. The editor is Steve Osmond.

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 2, February

A New Hour on Turkey's Dial
Two teenagers, smoking inside an Internet cafe during the passing of the last Ramadan--when eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly forbidden from dusk to dawn--were beaten up by a group of youngsters hostile to the smokers' secular lifestyle. In...
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Hokusai and Hiroshige: Super Surfers of the Floating World
Their names were Hokusai and Hiroshige. Their aim was to change the perception of landscape imagery in the Japanese world. That they did. And more. These two Japanese artists changed the perception of landscape, not only in Japan, but in the art...
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Looking at the Individual: One Day in an ESL Classroom
The bell rings, and Sue Beresin roams the fourth-floor classroom. She is quiet and thoughtful as she makes her rounds past this year's group of students. They are a mix of special needs and ESL high school students who need to get through this English...
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Multi-Lingual Switzerland
Switzerland represents a remarkable set of opposite circumstances. It is a country with diverse peoples, languages and religions. Yet it has united all its diverse citizens to create a unified country. Those willing to concede that the Swiss have formed...
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Ted Ginn: Success Is to See Others Succeed
It requires more than grand intentions and a big mouth to provide a better future for inner-city youth. Promises often get buried under time constraints and, ultimately, a lack of motivation to make a difference. Adults, even educators, often talk...
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The Shan State People Taking Up Arms against the Junta
A report from inside Burma For centuries, Southeast Asia was a land of kingdoms, whose subjects spoke the same language, had the same ethnicity and observed the same religion. In the 19th Century, European colonial powers, most notably England and...
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