The Historian

The Historian is a journal that publishes contemporary and relevant historical scholarship. The Historian also publishes extensive book reviews covering a wide array of recently published scholarly manuscripts.

Articles from Vol. 69, No. 2, Summer

Constitutional Unionists: The Party That Tried to Stop Lincoln and Save the Union
ON 12 FEBRUARY 1860, nine months before the November presidential election, as the fate of the nation hung by a thread, the national Constitutional Union Party announced its formation with a clarion call to the American people. After denouncing the...
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Foreign Support for Venezuelan Political Exiles during the Regime of Juan Vicente Gomez: The Case of Mexico, 1923-33
THE HISTORY OF LATIN AMERICA is littered with examples of the direct and indirect involvement of the United States in the internal affairs of certain countries that make up the region. (1) Less well known in the historiography of the area is the interference...
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Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing? the Fate of Russian "Aliens and Enemies" in the Finnish Civil War in 1918
INTRODUCTION: TASK, SOURCES, AND POLITICAL SITUATION IN 1918 THIS STUDY EXAMINES the treatment of Russians and other "Russian" foreigners such as Baltic, Polish, and Ukrainian peoples during the Finnish Civil War. (1) It first provides an analysis...
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The Other White Gold: Salt, Slaves, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and British Colonialism
IN ONE OF the more famous slave narratives--in part because it was the first published account by a woman--Bermuda-born Mary Prince reported that "my master sent me away to Turk's Island. I was not permitted to see my mother or father, or poor sisters...
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