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Articles from Vol. 34, No. 4, Summer

Community College Institutional Effectiveness: Perspectives of Campus Stakeholders
This study addresses a campus institutional effectiveness (IE) process and its influence on faculty and staff. Although a comprehensive, rational [E process appeals to campus leaders, this study found that it creates significant faculty and staff challenges....
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Connecting Organizational Environments with the Instructional Technology Practices of Community College Faculty
The ongoing integration of instructional technology within community colleges has occurred for a variety of reasons. First, community colleges have implemented technology-based models to make operations more efficient and cost-effective. Second, instructional...
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Creating and Sustaining Community College-University Transfer Partnerships
This qualitative study of a community college-university partnership employs network embeddedness theory to examine the processes involved in creating and sustaining partnerships to enhance transfer and baccalaureate attainment. In particular, this...
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Faculty Life at Community Colleges: The Perspective of Women with Children
This article explores the dynamics of how female faculty members at 2-year colleges balance the demands of their faculty jobs with motherhood. Results suggest that the community college appears to be a place that offers women the opportunity to balance...
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Research on Race and Ethnic Relations among Community College Students
Considerable research has been conducted in the past two decades on race and ethnic relations among community college students. The atheoretical underpinnings of this research have led to vague and conflicting findings regarding such concepts as campus...
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The Last Dance
In a small town long ago and far away (actually only about 200 miles from where I now live), I somehow managed to survive my teenage years. One memory from those years is that of the high school dance. Always present in my memory is that of the emptiness...
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