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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 1, Summer

Are We Marginalized within Academe? Perceptions of Two-Year College Faculty
A sample of 311 faculty at seven community colleges completed survey questions that elicited their ratings of statements about four-year faculty attitudes toward two-year college faculty and about their own perceptions of their status within academe....
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Career Stages of Community College Faculty: A Qualitative Analysis of Their Career Paths, Roles, and Development
Twenty-two faculty at a Midwestern community college were interviewed to elicit their perceptions of their career paths, their early-stage career roles, and the role played by faculty development in their early careers. Based on the interview data,...
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Community College Faculty Recruitment: Predictors of Applicant Attraction to Faculty Positions
Each of 176 MBA program students provided biographical data and rated his or her reactions to one of four different simulated position ads for a community college business faculty position. Ads varied based on job location within a state (relocation...
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Editor's Choice: Valuing Diversity-Student-Teacher Relationships That Enhance Achievement
Based on experience as a developmental writing teacher, the author describes strategies for promoting student success within diverse groups of learners. After discussing how teachers can innocently contribute to student failure, the author describes...
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ERIC Review: An Examination of Non-Liberal-Arts Course Transferability in California
Course catalogs and class schedules were examined from all 26 community colleges in California to determine the extent of non-liberal-arts course transferability by subject area to the California State University and to the University of California....
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