Houston Journal of International Law

This journal publishes articles in international and comparative law, including international business, finance, torts, crime and human rights.

Articles from Vol. 22, No. 1, Fall

Bootlegs and Imports: Seeking Effective International Enforcement of Copyright Protection for Unauthorized Musical Recordings
I. INTRODUCTION In response to the swell of worldwide bootlegging and piracy of music, sound recordings, and motion pictures, several conventions have been held throughout the international community, resulting in anti-bootlegging treaties and laws.(1)...
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It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce three prominent scholars in the areas of international law and constitutional powers of the President and Congress, especially with respect to responses to the use of terrorism and other strategies...
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International Legal Responses to Terrorism
I. INTRODUCTION On average, from 1993 to 1998, eleven Americans died as victims of international terrorists each year,(1) but the effect of terrorism--the quintessential "propaganda of the deed"--goes far beyond those numbers. Indeed, it may paralyze...
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Legal Responses to International Terrorism: Constitutional Constraints on Presidential Power
Watching the news this morning on CNN, and reading the front page of this morning's USA Today, I learned there is a heavy-weight championship fight coming up in a few days; and I was wondering if this morning's panel was going to seem like a preliminary...
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Sanctions against Perpetrators of Terrorism
Since the title for this panel is "Presidential Uses of Force and Other Sanction Strategies," I will begin with "other sanction strategies"--that is, other than use of force. I would rather not be cast in the role of the dove on the panel to comment...
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The Economic Espionage Act of 1996: Are We Finally Taking Corporate Spies Seriously?
I. INTRODUCTION For many companies, information is the most important resource available. Many executives only realize the value of their corporation's secrets when these secrets are stolen and disclosed to a competitor, resulting in huge economic...
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Yin and Yang: The Eugenic Policies of the United States and China: Is the Analysis That Black and White?
If in the First Act you hang a gun upon the wall, by the Third Act you must use it. Chekhov I. INTRODUCTION As technological and scientific advances proliferate, innumerable questions regarding legal, cultural, ethical, and human rights issues...
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