Human Ecology

Reports news and information of particular interest to the faculty and alumni of the New York State College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. Features short, signed articles written by the college?s faculty and students, and coverage of the college?

Articles from Vol. 39, No. 1, Spring

Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research: Forging Closer Links among Research, Practice, and Policy
This fall, the College of Human Ecology will open the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR), an initiative that will merge two longstanding successful college centers: the Family Life Development Center and the Bronfenbrenner Life...
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Fast Tracking Research from Basic to Bedside
U.S. biomedical research faces a serious problem: It takes far too long--up to 17 years by conservative estimates--to move new ideas from basic research into medical practice. The slow crawl of innovation means longer waits for patients who need potentially...
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Fiber Science Lab, Design Student Develop Clothes to Trap Poisonous Gas
A new fabric that can selectively trap noxious gases and odors has been fashioned by Jennifer Keane '11, a fiber science and apparel design (FSAD) major, into a line of hooded shirts and masks inspired by the military. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] ...
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High-Risk in Haiti: A Novel Nutrition Program Nourishes HIV-Positive Mothers and Their Babies by Bridging the Gaps between Clinic and Community
Mona Maitre was worried. One of her patients, a homeless woman, had not shown up for her appointment. Maitre fretted about the woman, who was HIV positive, and the woman's baby. They both needed medicine, food, and support. Each morning, Maitre drove...
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PAM Faculty to Head New Institute on Health Policy
Two Policy Analysis and Management (PAM) professors are working to build a "community of scholars" from campus and visiting institutions focused on risky health behaviors and their implications for health care policy and public health. The Institute...
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Partnerships Lead to Medical Patents: An Intercampus Research Team Steers Scientific Progress on Biomaterials for Human Body Repair and Healing
Sixty-three U.S. and international patents for pseudo-protein biomaterials have emerged from the Ithaca lab of C. C. Chu, the Rebecca Q. Morgan '60 Professor of Fiber Science and Apparel Design in the College of Human Ecology--just in the past decade....
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Service with a Smile-Sloan Initiative Helps Weill Cornell Neurosurgery Raise Patient Satisfaction
Many patients know the frustration of rushing to a doctor's appointment, then sitting in a waiting room as they watch the minutes tick by. Maybe they make it straight to the exam room--rand then wait there without so much as a magazine for distraction....
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Tipping the Scales: Researchers Ally with Local Churches and Clinics to Reduce Obesity in Some of New York City's Poorest Neighborhoods
For two years running, the Bronx has attained an unwelcome distinction: the unhealthiest of all 62 counties in New York. High rates of adult and childhood obesity, especially in the South Bronx, have helped plunge the borough to the bottom of the and...
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