Human Ecology

Reports news and information of particular interest to the faculty and alumni of the New York State College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. Features short, signed articles written by the college?s faculty and students, and coverage of the college?

Articles from Vol. 33, No. 2, August

Body Scans: Getting the Best Fit and Function; Susan Ashdown's Body-Scanning Technology Is Positioning the Industry to Design Better-Fitting Apparel for Larger Consumers and More Functional Clothing for Police Officers, Pesticide Applicators, and Even Astronauts
In the apparel industry, a business where the bottom line depends on knowing the size of the human body, Associate Professor of Textiles and Apparel Susan Ashdown has a point--300,000 data points, actually--to make. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] "Anthropometric...
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Ceci Shapes Judicial Policy on Testimony of Children: For More Than 25 Years, Stephen Ceci Has Probed the Accuracy of Testimony Given by Children. His Credibility as a Researcher Enables Him to Have a Great Impact on How Judges Perceive the Information Garnered by Court Interviewers and Investigators
When Stephen J. Ceci addresses members of the Family Law Association, he knows at least one thing most likely to be said about him. "Judges who introduce me almost always say to the audience, 'I'll save you the bother of putting Dr. Ceci in your...
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Enlightened Policies Can Benefit the Poor and Hungry: Reducing Hunger and Poverty around the World Is per Pinstrup-Andersen's Mission. He Says It Can Be Done, but Only If Nations Make an Economic and Ethical Commitment to Policies and Research That Will Help Alleviate These Serious Problems
It's hard to imagine living on less than a dollar a day. Yet 1.2 billion people do just that. And 800 million people--almost three times the total U.S. population--don't know where their next meal is coming from, while 153 million children under the...
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Policy Makers in the Making: Cornell Capital Semester; Interns in the Cornell Capital Semester Are Truly Battle Tested in the Workings of the Nation's Most Complex State Government-And They Come through with Flying Colors
Students who want to learn how policy is created spend spring semester living and working in Albany N.Y., while earning 15 academic credits. Consider just the last four years. Ten of the 28 recipients of the New York State Assembly Distinguished...
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Project Chronicles Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Advertising in Magazines: Rosemary Avery and Her Students Are Examining the Content and Target Audiences of Ads over the Last 20 Years
In one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind, researchers and students in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management are chronicling 20 years' of tobacco and pharmaceutical advertising from the most popular American magazines. The...
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Students Become Facility Strategists in Simulations with Real Companies: In the Studio Course Facility Planning and Management Taught by William Sims, Students Work in Teams to Advise Companies on Relocation and Optimal Use of Space
Two decades ago when IBM was in fiscal trouble, the first thing the company did was eliminate the employee policy "IBM for Life," then it downsized the workforce. A second round of layoffs was planned when facilities management executives offered first...
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