Public Personnel Management

A quarterly journal focused on human resource work in the public sector. Contains articles on trends, case studies, comparative information, and recent research. Topics include labor relations, assessment, personnel policies, government reform and other a

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 4, Winter

A Case for Performance Management for Political Appointees
Introduction Political appointees are individuals who are appointed by the president in a presidential system or the Prime Minister in a parliamentary system based on the political system of each country. They occupy a number of key positions and...
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Human Resources Information Systems in Texas City Governments: Scope and Perception of Its Effectiveness
This article examines the scope and perception of effectiveness of human resources information systems (HRIS) by human resources directors (HRD) in Texas City governments in the United States. HRIS is any technology that is used to attract, hire, retain,...
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Job Applicants' Perceptions of Resumes versus Employment Application Forms in the Recruitment Process in a Public Organization
Bohlander & Snell (1) defined recruitment as, "The process of locating potential applicants who might join an organization and encouraging them to apply for existing or anticipated job openings. During this process, efforts are made to inform the...
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Merit Pay Plans in Higher Education Institutions: Characteristics and Effects
Merit Pay Plans in Higher Education Institutions: Characteristics and Effects Little empirical data exists regarding the effectiveness and the nature of merit pay plans in higher education institutions. It is not known if merit pay plans, in general,...
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Professionalism under the "Performance-Based Pay" Reform: A Critical Assessment and Alternative Development Model
Introduction Human capital development is the center of organizational reform. Without human creativity, technological skills, experience-based knowledge, and professional commitment to change, organizational improvement cannot succeed. Recent reforms,...
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