Public Personnel Management

A quarterly journal focused on human resource work in the public sector. Contains articles on trends, case studies, comparative information, and recent research. Topics include labor relations, assessment, personnel policies, government reform and other a

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 1, Spring

A Motive to Serve: Public Service Motivation in Human Resource Management and the Role of PSM in the Nonprofit Sector
The concept a of public service ethic raises some interesting questions for human resource management. Is there something not only identifiable but also quantifiable that attracts certain individuals to the public sector? If so, how can this attribute...
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An Analysis of the Employment of Persons with Disabilities in the Korean Government: A Comparative Study with the American Federal Government
This article examines the employment of people with disabilities in the Korean government and proposes possible reform measures for improving the employment of persons with disabilities. (1) A trend analysis is undertaken with respect to the levels...
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Ethical Leadership and Administrative Discretion: The Fire Chief's Hiring Dilemma: Presented at the 2005 Southeastern Conference on Public Administration (SECoPA) in Little Rock, Arkansas
Recent efforts to reform government are challenging many of the basic theoretical and managerial assumptions and values of governance in complex, public organizations. (1) Under the political rubric of reinventing government, these efforts portray...
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Institutional Values: The Foundation for Civil Service Change
The disappearance of the traditional U.S. civil service system that focused on federal agencies using common procedures in human resource (HR) management processes is accelerating. In 1951, a common system covered 87.5 percent of federal employees....
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Merit Pay in a Public Higher Education Institution: Questions of Impact and Attitudes
Merit pay has been a hallmark of pay for performance programs in organizations for years. (1) Merit pay systems are based upon the idea of well-communicated, pre-determined standards providing a greater reward for those performing at a higher level....
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