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Alternatives: Global, Local, Political is a magazine specializing in Politics topics.

Articles from Vol. 37, No. 3, August

Alternatives: Global, Local, Political: Instructions for Authors
Alternatives seeks to address the possibilities of new forms of political practice under conditions of spatiotemporal transformation. The editors especially invite submissions that address the changing relationships between local political practices...
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"Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared": Trauma-Anxiety-Resilience
Abstract Rather than concerning ourselves with "governing trauma" we should instead be concerned with how trauma has come to govern us. Trauma talk now comes naturally, and the article explores what all this trauma talk might be doing, ideologically...
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European Trauma: Governance and the Psychological Moment
Abstract This article examines the unfolding of traumas as structural and sociopsychological narratives focused on the bordering of identity and the governing of past present and future. Proceeding from a Lacanian conception of trauma and a Foucauldian...
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Governing Traumatic Events
Introduction From the point of view of Western states and media, the "stuff" of global politics is increasingly dominated by stories of crisis, emergency, and catastrophe. So-called traumatic events of one kind or another--terrorist attacks, natural...
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Stories of Catastrophe, Traces of Trauma: Indian State Formation and the Borders of Becoming
Abstract The "act of terror" in Mumbai in November 2008 has been widely regarded as "India's 9-11." This article proposes that the proper setting of the "Mumbai attacks" is neither provided by what occurred in New York in 2001 nor by accentuating...
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The Demise of PTSD: From Governing through Trauma to Governing Resilience
Abstract This article raises questions about the possible waning of the authority of the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While avoiding predictions, it points to signs that the authority of PTSD is now being challenged by both...
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The Folding of Trauma: Architecture and the Politics of Rebuilding Ground Zero
Abstract This article examines the government of trauma by examining the rebuilding of Ground Zero as a practice of folding the traumatic event, of capturing the traumatic event by containing it within the forms of what can be said and what can...
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The Securitization of Catastrophic Events: Trauma, Enactment, and Preparedness Exercises
Abstract Psychological knowledge has become incorporated into a range of security practices, discourses, and interventions in catastrophic events, including terrorism. By engaging the existing literature on the medicalization and psychologization...
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Trauma Advocacy, Veteran Politics, and the Croatian Therapeutic State
Abstract This article considers international trauma advocacy and Croatian veteran politics. The article begins by discussing international trauma advocacy and therapeutic state legitimation. International trauma advocacy seeks to promote peace,...
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