American Review of Canadian Studies

A quarterly publication presenting original research on topics relating to Canada and the humanities and social sciences. This is the official journal of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States. Academic interest.

Articles from Vol. 28, No. 3, Autumn

Canadian-American Agricultural Trade Relations: A Brief History
Introduction Although in recent years some specialized work has been done on the agricultural trade relationship between Canada and the United States, relatively little historical work has been devoted to this subject. This is true despite a voluminous...
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Countervailing and Antidumping Actions: An Evaluation of Canada's Experience with the United States
Introduction As is well known, Canada and the U.S. are each other's principal trading partners. Between 1980 and 1988, the average annual total value of trade in all goods and services (imports plus exports) between Canada and the U.S. averaged...
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Grain Trade in Contemporary Canada-U.S. Relations
Background Canada and the United States share the largest trading relationship between two sovereign nations that has ever existed. Much of current volume in trade has been the result of the tremendous growth subsequent to the 1989 Canada-U.S. Free...
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Integration and Interdependence in the U.S. and Canadian Live Cattle and Beef Sectors
Introduction The live cattle and beef markets of Canada and the United States are well integrated and highly interdependent, but this alignment occurs in an unequal fashion. Following this relation, the present paper assesses the role of trade agreements...
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Pressures and Challenges in Integrating the U.S.-Canada Grains Sector
Introduction and Scope For at least a decade, there have been pressures to evolve toward a more integrated grain-marketing system in North America. (1) This process has been fraught, however, with difficulties apparently related to incompatible...
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State Trading in Wheat: Perceptions and Reality in Canada-U.S. Relations
Introduction There are few topics that incite more emotion in Canada-U.S. economic discussions than the issue of unfair trade. Trade between the two countries has always been important because of its size and, in the past, major trading agreements...
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U.S. Perspectives on Grain Trade with Canada: A Critical Appraisal
Introduction Grain trade presents a number of contentious issues for the United States and Canada. While both countries are traditionally net exporters, the United States has imported large amounts of Canadian wheat and barley in recent years--to...
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