American Review of Canadian Studies

A quarterly publication presenting original research on topics relating to Canada and the humanities and social sciences. This is the official journal of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States. Academic interest.

Articles from Vol. 27, No. 2, Summer

Canadian Corporate Strategy in a North American Region
Introduction In content and impact, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is much more than a trade agreement. The Agreement contains a set of rules regulating a wide range of international trade, investment, economic, and other activities...
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Constitutional Imaginings and the Nation-State (Efforts by Canada's Government to Instill a Nationalist Consciousness Have Implications on Trade)
Introduction Students of Canadian politics periodically rummage through cultural artifacts in an effort to discover whether there are characteristic value orientations which distinguish Canadian political attitudes from those of citizens of other...
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Environmentally Related Trade Disputes between the United States and Canada
Introduction This article explores ten environmentally related trade disputes that have arisen between the United States and Canada since the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement in 1989. They fall into three broad categories: conservation...
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Introduction (the American Review of Canadian Studies Assesses Canadian-U.S. Relations in the Light of New Strains on the Relationship)
This is a very special issue of The American Review of Canadian Studies. In it, a group of U.S. and Canadian authors address the familiar topic of the bilateral relationship and find it, not entirely surprisingly, to be in a state of flux. Many profound...
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Prisoners of Their Histories: Canada-U.S. Conflicts in the Pacific Salmon Fishery
Historians may record more fishery conflicts during one year in the nineties than during the entire nineteenth century. --Lester Brown, State of the World 1996 During the past three years, increasing alarm has been expressed within sectors of...
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Style as a Substitute for Issue Articulation in Canada-U.S. Relations
Issues have not disappeared in Canada-U.S. relations. (1) In Canada's relations with the United States, as in other matters, for example, according to Seymour Martin Lipset, "national identity is the quintessential Canadian issue." (2) What has changed...
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Thomas O. Enders (the Vast Experience of American Diplomat Thomas Enders Includes a Stint as U.S. Ambassador to Canada)
Thomas O. Enders was born November 28, 1931, in Hartford, Connecticut. He graduated first in his class at Yale University in 1953. He obtained a master's degree at the University of Paris in 1955 and at Harvard University in 1957. Within a decade...
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"Without Regard to the Interests of Others": Canada and American Unilateralism in the Post-Cold War Era
Introduction In October 1993, the election of a Liberal government was seen by many as the harbinger of a souring in Canadian-American relations. After all, the new prime minister, Jean Chretien, had explicitly rejected the essential pro-Americanism...
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