Argumentation and Advocacy

This publication provides research and articles on argumentation studies, including contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political/legal argument and forensics and pedagogy.

Articles from Vol. 44, No. 2, Fall

A Functional, Analysis of Televised U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial Campaign Debates
Introduction Televised political debates have emerged as an important part of our system of democracy. The first presidential primary debate, broadcast on radio, featured Dewey and Stassen in a primary campaign (see Benoit et al., 2002). The first...
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Civility and Social Responsibility: "Civil Rationality" in Confirmation Hearings of Justices Roberts and Alito
President Warren G. Harding nominated former Utah Senator George Sutherland to the Supreme Court on September 5th, 1922. That same day the Judiciary Committee Chairman went straight to the Senate floor, and after a few remarks, made a motion to confirm...
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Cross-X. By Joe Miller. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006; pp. 480. $26.00 cloth; $16.00 paper. Joe Miller's Cross-X explores issues of race, class, academic equality, and democratic participation through the lens of a policy debate team...
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Democratic Accountability: Why Choice in Politics Is Both Possible and Necessary
Democratic Accountability: Why Choice in Politics is Both Possible and Necessary. By Leif Lewin. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2007; pp. 247. $45 cloth. Teachers and scholars have long contended argumentation is an essential dimension...
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No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy
No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy. By Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2007; pp. xi + 419. $30.00 cloth. If you find iconic photography, visual culture,...
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Rhetorical Leadership and Transferable Lessons for Successful Social Advocacy in Al Gore's an Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore's 2006 film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, met with great popular and critical success. The film weaves together the story of Gore's early conversion and lifelong commitment to environmental issues as the unifying theme of his...
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