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Articles from Vol. 69, No. 1/2, Spring

In This Issue: Love Unbound by Time
Hannah Higgins's beautiful interweaving of biography, autobiography, history, and criticism embodies the ways in which individual lives do and don't belong to history. This is what interests me most about contemporary art and its stud)·, and I am so...
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Kate Manheim
I became the first Director of Library and Publications at Anthology Film Archives when it opened in 1970. Dissatisfied with the Library of Congress method of cataloguing film books, I devised a new system to organize the books of the library and to...
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Love's Labor's Lost and Found: A Meditation on Fluxus, Family, and Somethings Else
In 1992 I took a seminar at the University of Chicago with the art historian Charles Harrison. He died last summer (2009), and in our last e-mails I was drawn back to several conversations we had during that time. . . . Did it matter if the artist ate...
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Manly Crafts: Mike Kelley's (Oxy)Moronic Gender Bending
Mike Kelley's 1987 assemblage More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid is a tapestry of tattered toys, handmade rag dolls, puppets, knit potholders, and stuffed animals sewn onto a matrix of afghan blankets mounted on canvas. The chaotic conglomeration...
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The Nature of the Beast
Goshka Macuga s installation The Nature of the Beast was on view at London s Whitechapel Gallery April 5, 2009-April 18, 2010. The first in a series of yearlong artists' commissions, the work responded to the Whitechapel's 1939 exhibition ol Pablo Picasso's...
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Unfinished Filliou: On the Fluxus Ethos and the Origins of Relational Aesthetics
"Pure foolishness restores."- Friedrich Nietzsche"There is so little to do and so much time to do it in."- George BrechtThe current essay comprises a discussion of the influential yet underrated work of the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou ( 1926-1987)...
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