The Journal of Rehabilitation

A quarterly, peer-reviewed journal published by the National Rehabilitation Association. Articles include original research, academic criticism, and expert debate in the field of rehabilitation.

Articles from Vol. 72, No. 2, April-June

Being Informed
While we may work with a consumer to help them obtain employment or become more independent, our ability to produce a successful outcome is impacted by many things going on their life and in society. We believe that an effective rehabilitation practitioner...
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Characters in Contexts: Identity and Personality Processes That Influence Individual and Family Adjustment to Brain Injury
Along history of thought in psychology explores the concept of personality as a nonunitary phenomenon. In William James' (1890/1950) writing on the structure of self, the concepts of "various selves" and "potential selves" are fundamental to his...
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Choice and Control over Resources: New Hampshire's Individual Career Account Demonstration Projects
Part of the shift in society's response to disability from institutional care toward community inclusion has included an increasing emphasis on individual choice, empowerment, and self-determination (Hagner & Marrone, 1995; Silverstein, 2000;...
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Comparing Outcomes of Persons Choosing Consumer-Directed or Agency-Directed Personal Assistance Services
For many in the disability community, rehabilitation counseling is increasingly tied to reimbursement systems through which persons with disabilities are able to optimize their value to society in collaborative and facilitative ways. Counseling...
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Developing a Screening Tool to Predict Disability Program Participation
The ability to model public benefits eligibility processes can aid in program planning, resource allocation, and budgeting. Given the complexities of most public program regulations, policies, and practices, developing a simple and accurate model...
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Minimum Wage Rates and Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
The minimum wage touches upon economic, political, sociological, psychological, and legal issues. The inherent interest of economists in the minimum wage is centered upon the classic query of cost-benefit; that is, does the benefit derived from...
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Organizational Socialization from a Content Perspective and Its Effect on the Affective Commitment of Newly Hired Rehabilitation Counselors
Upholding high standards of quality is imperative to service delivery in rehabilitation counseling. Yet these standards may be compromised by low affective commitment in the field, in turn leading to high rates of turnover. According to Mann Layne,...
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