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Articles from November 27, 2000

4th Inter-Ministerial Talks to Be Held Dec. 12-15 in P'yang
The fourth inter-Korean ministerial talks are likely to be held in Pyongyang on Dec. 12-15, instead of the original date of Nov. 28-Dec. 1, as North Korea proposed for the changed date Saturday. Amid speculations that the dates for the meeting...
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'Bongja' Offers 21st Century Realism
In the lead up to the year 2000, many of us were entertaining hopes about how our lives would change after the new millennium. New Year's resolutions were being swapped for millennium resolutions. While many were making such resolutions, expectations...
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Combating Vertigo Air Force's No. 1 Priority
Trust your instruments. No other words are stressed more at the Korean Air Force Academy (KAFA) since they can literally keep a pilot out of trouble while in the air. It is important for the pilot to place complete trust in his instruments during...
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Hot Broadway Musical ``Chicago'' Due for Dec.8-17
For the first time, the curtain will rise on ``Chicago,'' one of the best- loved Broadway hit musicals, on the Korean stage with a Korean crew on Dec.8-17 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Currently, ``Chicago'' is still packing theaters...
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Korea Online Denies Illegal Dealings with Scandal-Ridden MCI Korea
Korea Online, a financial holding company, said yesterday that it did not have any illegal dealings with a scandalized entrepreneur. At the press conference, KOL vice chairman Peter Everington said his company was approached with a proposal to...
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Korea, Singapore to Step Up Information Tech Cooperation
Korea and Singapore on Sunday agreed to enhance cooperation on two major information technology infrastructure projects -- trans-Eurasia information network and e-ASEAN plan. As a concrete step, President Kim Dae-jung and Singaporean Prime Minister...
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One Murder Every 9 Hours, One Rape Every 2 Hours
One person is murdered every nine hours in Korea, while a rape and a robbery take place every two hours. Cases of theft and violence occur every three minutes and two minutes, respectively. The National Police Agency yesterday revealed the findings,...
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Stock Investors Lose $ 200 Bil. This Year
Investors in Korean stocks have lost about 200 trillion won this year due to the nosedive of the equities market. The market value of all Korean stocks listed on the Korea Stock Exchange fell from 300 trillion won at the end of last year to 140...
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Workers on Head-On Collision with Gov't to Block Restructuring
Unionized workers are escalating their struggle against the government-initiated corporate restructuring plan, with the nation's two umbrella labor groups launching joint actions to prevent massive layoffs. The Federation of Korean Trade Unions...
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