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Articles from Vol. 68, No. 7, April

Design Your Own Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] While looking for labs for my pre-engineering class, I came across an idea for a marine engineering project from the Future Scientists and Engineers of America website. I thought the lab looked fun, and it was not too expensive....
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Portable Inspiration: The Necessity of STEM Outreach Investment
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Running a successful technology education lab and delivering curriculum in today's educational environment can be busy, misunderstood, and downright exhausting. Keeping up with growing and emerging technologies, educating...
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Revisiting the Nuclear Power Option
Technologies can be "hot buttons" for controversy, especially if it has anything to do with nuclear energy. Undoubtedly, nuclear power plants generate a significant portion of our nations electricity, and to shut them down would impose severe shocks...
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Teaching Students about Clean Fuels and Transportation Technologies
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Global warming, going green, ethanol, biodiesel, fuel cells, hydrogen combustion, and hybrids are some of the terms being tossed around in mainstream media these days. The grassroots efforts of many environmentalists and concerned...
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Using Engineering Cases in Technology Education
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Introduction There has been a great deal of discussion in the past few years about implementing engineering design in K-12 classrooms. Experts from K-12 education, universities, industry, and government officials attended...
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Water Treatment: Keeping It Pure
The availability of water has dictated the location and survival of civilizations through the ages. Nearly 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to potable drinking water sources, and 2.2 million die from basic hygiene-related disease, an...
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