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Articles from Vol. 69, No. 2, October

Beyond Smash and Crash: Gender-Friendly Tech Ed
We cannot afford to have 51% of our population left out of the important decisions that affect us today and in the future. "This is going to be fun!" said Lucy, a middle school fifth grader, as she completed her first day in technology education...
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Charlotte, North Carolina March 18-20, 2010
Amidst a growing cityscape, Charlotte delivers cultural attractions and distractions, dining and nightlife for every style, and a Southern ambiance all its own. Charlotte will host the ITEA 2010 Conference, so mark your calendars now to attend Green...
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How to Start a STEM Team: With Little Chance to Learn in School How Science and Math Skills Might Translate into Professionally Useful Knowledge, Students Are Unable to Make Informed Choices about Further Education and Work Options
In 2008, China produced a staggering 500,000 new engineers. India, where 65% of the population lacks indoor plumbing, produced over 200,000 engineering graduates. In comparison, the United States could only muster 70,000 young engineering minds. Although...
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Internationalizing Technology Teaching with Blogs and Bananas: Educators Can Connect Their Students Internationally in Meaningful Activities That Address Multiple Teaching Standards That Are of Concern to Educators, Parents, and the Public Worldwide
"We have to do what?" exclaimed the Year 7 students, almost in unison in feigned shock that belied their anticipation of the fun ahead (Year 7 in Queensland is comparable to the sixth grade in the United States). The students were going to make an...
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Quality of Drinking Water: Detection of Chemical Substances and Other Important Physical Information from Our Environment Will Continue to Be a Major Concern for Our Society
Background The quality of drinking water has been gaining a great deal of attention lately, especially as our water delivery infrastructure continues to age. Particles of various metals such as lead and copper, and other substances like radon and...
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Technologies and Techniques: Green Circuit Practices: As We Look at Electronic Products from a Technological Literacy Point of View, We Should Consider and Assess the Impact of Environmentally Friendly Electronic Products
Today as we look back on the major developments in electronics and communication, we can see that there are many inventions and innovations that paved the way for modern electronic communication. Several notable discoveries and inventions include Maxwell's...
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Technology Education Teacher Supply and Demand-A Critical Situation: If the Technology Education Profession Is to Survive, the Time for Action to Ensure That Survival Is Now
The supply and demand of technology education teachers has been a matter of concern for many years. Weston (1997) reported, "... enrollment in and graduation from technology teacher education programs are on a downward spiral, the demand for teachers...
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