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Articles from Vol. 63, No. 5, February

2004 ITEA Conference Exhibitors
ITEA appreciates the following exhibitors for their generous support of our profession and the 2004 ITEA International Conference & Exposition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 18-20, 2004. This list includes exhibitors confirmed as of December...
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A Blessing in Disguise
When I was told by our administration that there were not enough aides to help the special education students in our classes, I suggested placing all the students requiring special assistance into one class. My idea was to teach all of the special...
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Design on Your Face
This month's IDSA feature has two goals. The first is to muse about the role of style and styling in the world of design and designing. The second is to present a project with which you can engage your students in several aspects of industrial design....
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Electronic Ink: New "Smarts" for the Printed Word
Gyricon calls it Smart Paper[TM]; E Ink Corporation calls it electronic ink. Both companies have developed and are marketing a new type of electronic paper that could vastly change our communications and visual media technology. Paper has been the...
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ITEA Board of Directors Meets in November
The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) Board of Directors recently met to discuss strategic issues and directions for the association and profession. The Board meeting was structured around three strategic issues and numerous other...
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ITEA Financial Report-Fiscal 2003
Important Comments Pertaining to the ITEA and FTE Financial Reports * The figures in this report reflect the financial year, which ended on June 30, 2003. A complete financial report is made to the ITEA/FTE Board of Directors/Trustees by the accounting...
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Singin' the Black and Blues
Unless you are a troglodyte and never leave your cave, you most likely see the sky every day and maybe even some nights. Like most curious little kids, you probably asked some adult a long time ago, "Why is the sky blue?" Or if you saw a beautiful...
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Using Concepts and Theoretical Models to Support the Standards for Technological Literacy
Introduction A technologically literate individual should be able to use, manage, and understand technological concepts and systems. A technologically literate individual should also have the capacity to design, develop, control, use, and assess...
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Using STL and AETL: Three Perspectives
Administrator Perspective: Florida Since the inception of Standards far Technological Literacy (STL) in 2000 by the International Technology Education Association (ITEA), a number of changes have occurred in technology education programs at the...
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