World Affairs

An academic journal covering political science and international relations. Contains three to five articles written by professors, scholars, military offices, and government officials worldwide. Published by the American Peace Society (APS).

Articles from Vol. 167, No. 4, Spring

Battle for State Control: Lessons from Violent Nonstate Actors Imitating the State: Colombia, Nicaragua, and Lessons for Iraq
How do violent nonstate actors seek local change? Literature on international relations theory finally has started to take into account the role that nonstate actors play in world affairs. (1) However, most of this literature has focused primarily...
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The Mind of a Terrorist: How Terrorists See Strategy and Morality
The purpose of this talk is to give the audience an overview of how terrorists see the world, both strategically and morally. Now, I have given this talk over one hundred times since the tragic event of September 11, 2001, so at outset let me respond...
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The Terrorist Basayev as a Major Political Actor in Russia
Today, President Vladimir Putin is almost completely free from the pressures of all political institutions and rival politicians in Russia. He has the power to take nearly any position on the country's most vital foreign and domestic issues. Perhaps...
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Unilateralism and Multilateralism: Analyzing American Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy
Nonproliferation of nuclear weapons is a major objective of U.S. foreign policy. Since the end of the cold war, Washington has dealt with proliferation cases around the world in South Asia, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and countries of the former Soviet...
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