World Affairs

An academic journal covering political science and international relations. Contains three to five articles written by professors, scholars, military offices, and government officials worldwide. Published by the American Peace Society (APS).

Articles from Vol. 162, No. 4, Spring

Beyond the Pale: The Bureaucratic Politics of United States Policy in Mexico
In the last two decades, Mexico has emerged as one of the most important countries in the world from the point of view of U.S. foreign policy. For the first sixty years after the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920, the United States took Mexican stability...
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Defending against New Dangers: Arms Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction in a Globalized World
In their classic book Strategy and Arms Control, first published in 1961, Thomas Schelling and Morton Halperin use the term "arms control" to include "all the forms of military cooperation between potential enemies in the interest of reducing the likelihood...
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The Next Russian President Reflects on Foreign Policy
The first post-Yeltsin leader of Russia will try to establish himself and consolidate his power by making significant modifications in foreign and domestic policy and distancing himself from Yeltsin's notorious reputation. The composition of the political...
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U.S. Security Policy and the Two Koreas
U.S. security policy toward Korea has many dimensions, which derive from its historical complexity,(1) its strategic nuances,(2) and debates between supporters of policy continuity(3) and advocates of thoroughgoing changes.(4) Most analyses of U.S....
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