Black Issues in Higher Education

Black Issues in Higher Education is a magazine specializing in African American Focused topics.

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 9, June 25

Bilingual Back Talk: Educators, Politicians Look for Countermeasures to California Initiative
SAN FRANCISCO -- Just days after California voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to outlaw bilingual education, civil rights groups have filed suit to challenge the new law and school districts are finding ways around it. Sixty-one...
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Closing Doors and Scary Thoughts
The City University of New York has had a historical mission to provide higher education to immigrants, the poor, and minority Students. Its alumni include a distinguished roster of intellectuals like polio vaccine inventor Jonas Salk, who might not...
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Congress, Clinton May Force Education to Pay Highway Toll
When is $200 billion a major problem? When it begins to crowd out spending on education, advocates say. Last month, Congress authorized $203 billion in new federal spending on highways and other transportation projects during the next decade. President...
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Sample-Minded: Scholars of Color Support New Counting Strategy for Census 2000
Dr. Robert B. Hill knows the consequences that result when the national census undercounts a community's population. A locality stands to lose millions of dollars in federal funding for social services, job training education, and other programs if...
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The Persistent Madness of Greek Hazing: Psychologists Provide Insight on Why Hazing Persists among Black Greeks
Mary Polk of Maryland didn't learn that her son Marcus had been hospitalized until he called his brother when he came out of the operating room on April 8. Marcus Polk, a sophomore majoring in computer science at the University of Mary land-Eastern...
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The Pragmatism of Bakke
This month's twentieth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Bakke v. University of California is an odd occasion to commemorate. The Bakke case is the earliest in which the Supreme Court directly addressed affirmative action. But like much...
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When Hazing Leads to Death: One Campus' Response
All campus administrators face issues of hazing, some with more urgency than others. Southeast Missouri State University faced a worse crisis than most in 1994 when twenty-five-year old Michael Davis -- a journalism major -- died after two weeks of...
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