Black Issues in Higher Education

Black Issues in Higher Education is a magazine specializing in African American Focused topics.

Articles from Vol. 15, No. 11, July 23

A Shopper's Market; Economy Brightens Job Picture for Professional School Graduates
Economy brightens job picture for professional school graduates For former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Chris Burke, the end of the Cold War impressed upon him the very real possibility that a downsizing U.S. military could limit his career advancement opportunities....
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Being Honest about and to Athletes
Having raised three children (a daughter and two sons) who are currently Division I student athletes (basketball), having been involved in sports practically all of my life, and having worked as an educator for the past twenty-five years, I have been...
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Celebrating and Deconstructing Our Educational Progress
A recent Census Bureau report has good news about African American education. In Educational Attainment in the United States, the Census Bureau reported that 86.2 percent of African Americans ages twenty-five to twenty-nine were high school graduates...
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Fundraising Scandal at Bowie State
Bowie, Md. -- A financially troubled fund-raising organization for Bowie State University (BSU) is being temporarily handed over to the University of Maryland system amidst criticism that the organization sapped its administrative funds and then dipped...
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Growth among the Credentialed Class
People of color are earning advanced degrees at a pace that exceeds that of Whites, but can the pipeline's momentum be sustained without affirmative action? With hardly any fanfare or notice, the last five years have seen unparalleled growth among...
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Smithsonian Embraces Latino History
Last year, the Smithsonian Institution accepted charges of "willful neglect" for the glaring absence of Latino contributions to American history, culture, and art among its vast national collection. Now that oversight is about to be rectified as Dr....
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The Top 100: Graduate and Professional Schools
This is the second half of Black Issues In Higher Education's annual "Top 100" rankings of postsecondary institutions that graduate the most minority students. Part I ranked schools that grant baccalaureate degrees (see July 9, 1998 edition). This edition...
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To Educate a Nation; Native American Tribe Hopes to Bring Higher Education to an Arizona Reservation
When the Tohono O'Odham Nation's surveyed its members last year about barriers that they faced to obtaining a college degree, recurring themes kept cropping up. The nearest college to the Sells, Arizona community was more than an hour's drive away....
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White Administrators Charge College with Racism
Houston -- White administrators at Houston Community College (HCC) have accused the institution of racial discrimination in a lawsuit filed in federal court. Lois Avery, dean of academic development for HCC's Northeast Campus; Tom Baxter, jail...
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